Publisher: Fair Worlds
Release Date: June 8th, 2023
Platforms: iOS (Apple App Store)
Price: Free


The SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS mobile app introduces a new type of immersive narrative experience for fans of travel, history and augmented reality. Available on the iOS App Store, the free app guides players on interactive, real world adventures  through the past, present, and future of famous locations.

Each tour includes a curated mix of archival content alongside an interactive story and time-bending AR gameplay. SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS incorporates location-based services, visual positioning, AI generated content and spatial audio to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

AR gameplay and other features are powered by Niantic Lightship (Pokémon Go) which allows for the localization and rendering of virtual objects with believable depth and occlusion. The first release of SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS comes loaded with a flagship tour through the present day Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington, with a spotlight on the 1962 Century 21 Expo––the first “Space Age” World’s Fair.

This twenty to thirty minute experience transports locals and tourists alike on a trip through the thrilling sights and sounds of mid-century Seattle. The tour takes a sharp turn, however, after a pair of desperate physicists who are running out of time (literally) enlist the player’s help. 

Key art was created by Seattle-based design shop INVISIBLE CREATURE. In-game characters were designed by visual artist Matte Stephens. 


All you need is an iOS mobile device and earbuds.  Earbuds with spatial audio are recommended to enjoy the full experience and to take advantage of accessibility features such as spatial audio wayfinding.

  1. Download the Spacetime Adventure Tour App for free on the Apple App Store.
  2. Travel to the start of the tour. In-app map features guide players to this location. 
  3. Once at the starting location, put in earbuds and tap the “START TOUR” button.
  4. Follow the prompts directing you to the next tour stop. 


All SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS are designed for accessibility and include features for non-visual gameplay for blind and visually impaired users as well as captions and haptic feedback for deaf or the hard of hearing. Fair Worlds is proud to partner with Andy Slater, a blind media artist, sound designer and disability advocate, to ensure every adventure is just as compelling for sighted players as non-sighted ones. In addition to implementing spatial audio wayfinding and inclusive UX/UI, Mr. Slater also composed original music and spatial audio soundscapes for the experience.


  • Spatial audio beacons, GPS announcements, verbal directions and haptics assist wayfinding.
  • Always-on captions
  • Simplified and forgiving UX/UI interactions to maximize inclusivity  






Fair Worlds is a creative agency specializing in the development of immersive experiences, spatial content and publishing. Primary offices are located in Seattle, WA, and Austin, TX, with an extended team of talented artists and developers distributed throughout the United States.     

Our name as a nod to the boundless and sometimes outrageous optimism of the mid 20th century World’s Fairs, when themes like "Peace Through Understanding" and "Building the World of Tomorrow" could bring the world together. Also "Disneyland" was already taken. 

We believe a good experience is the only thing anybody wants. 


Cast (in order of appearance)
Brad Parrett - Tour Guide
Mike Wiebe - Clarence
Avery Moore - Penny

Written By
Brad Parrett and Mike Wiebe

Creative Direction
Brad Parrett
Mike Wiebe
Erik Horn

Development Lead
Todd Little

Game Design
Julian Ochoa
Todd Little

Development Team
Josie DeRosier
Julian Ochoa
Keil Aloia
Kurt Pfeifer
Ross Safronof

Original Music and Sound Design
Andy Slater

Additional Sound and Music by
Tommy Carroll
Travers Gauntt

3D Art and Design
Thomas Thorne

Design Support
Kurt Pennypacker
Wylie Earnhart

Video Editing
Brad Parrett
Tim Edwards

UX Design
Kurt Pennypacker
Todd Little

UI Design
Brad Parrett
Thomas Thorne

Original Branding and Poster Design
Don Clark (Invisible Creature)

Character Design
Matte Stephens

Accessibility Consultant
Andy Slater

Fair Worlds
Andy Slater • Angela Gomez • Austin Holland • Brad Parrett • Erik Horn • Hallur Olafsson • Isaac Aubrey • John Rodriguez (J-Ro) • Jordan Kellogg • Julian Ochoa • Keil Aloia • Kurt Pennypacker • Kurt Pfeifer • Leslie Murphy • Lilian Flores • Matthew Hoyes • Mike Wiebe • Pierce Krouse • Ross Safronoff • Sam Decker • Sebastian Gomez • Simon Manning • Thomas Thorne • Todd Little • Xuny Haley

Daniel Killough  • Arman Farsad • Wesley Hackett • Sophia Zhang

Thanks to our Partners at Niantic
Joe Gabriel

Archival Media
Bill Cotter • MOHAI • Seattle Archive

Special Thanks
The Seattle Center • The Space Needle • Climate Pledge Arena • Pacific Science Center • KEXP • Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Seattle Center) • Seattle Center Foundation • HistoryLink • Future Arts • Washington State School for the Blind


Business Inquires
Erik Horn
Press Requests
John Rodriguez
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