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For fans of travel, history, and augmented reality

Every SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOUR features a finely curated mix of archival content, an out-of-this-world interactive story and an unforgettable history lesson all wrapped into one time-tripping adventure.

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AR Gameplay
SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS guides players on immersive tours through the past, present, and future of famous locations.
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Current Tour
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1962 Seattle
World’s Fair
Take a walk through the wondrous time of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair without leaving the present day.
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How to Travel through Space Time

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Download the app
Pick it up in the Apple App Store.
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Better with Headphones
To hear all the robust audio for the tour, wear some headphones.
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Head to the tour start
You start the tour at the base of the monorail station in the Seattle Center.
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Watch out & have fun
Make sure you don’t trip on anything while looking at your phone.

Designed with Accessibility in mind

All SPACE-TIME ADVENTURE TOURS are designed for accessibility and include features for non-visual gameplay for blind and visually impaired users as well as captions and haptic feedback for deaf or the hard of hearing.

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